It’s time to make peace with all the broken pieces we left behind us.

Flooding windows.

One day, I will know. One day, I will be able to comfort you. Your pain hurts me in indescribable ways. I am ashamed I cannot understand you. I wish I knew that same feeling. Those hot, salty tears streaming down your face long to be understood. And though I will never wish bad on…

Any questions?

Love made me feel like I knew the answer. But when I raised my hand, I was the only one in the room.

Honey bee.

Your words have stung me. Feed your ego, poison me. The sting kills us both.

Unspoken home.

The future awaits. The long, head-aching days. The joyfully bright, sunny days. They’re all waiting to happen.   The twists and turns that life takes us on lead to a greater road that takes us home.   And the best part is we get to choose. Who we love, how we feel, what we do….

Each time you open a book and read it, a tree smiles knowing there’s life after death. 🌱

Confession: I accidentally collect greeting cards even if I already have 3 unopened packs left 💌

If this cup doesn’t speak my mind right now, I don’t know what does 😍 ☕️💕

100% recyclable content ♻️ Paper books vs pixel books: Did you know that reading paper books is actually more energy & cost efficient compared to e-readers? You would have to read 100+ books on an e-reader to actually consider it better for the environment and 130+ books to save money! The more you know!

Weekends are for living! (And planning how to live) 💖 I spent all weekend planning out the rest of this month and parts of next month… let’s see how long until I get off track with my scheduling!!! HAHA It usually takes me forever to pick a planner simply because it’s a year-long commitment and…

Good morning, bookworms! Don’t forget to eat a good breakfast, stay hydrated, and feed your brain! 🍓🍌📖🤓


Your words ring like bells. Time to start and time to go. The clock ticks heartbreak.

Coffee has given me unrealistic expectations of productivity 😅☕️

My favorite novel & sequel combo! 😍 Rumor has it that there’s another book (and hopefully movie) coming out!!! I’m so excited!


Why do we call it love when the only passionate interaction we have, is when anger is exploding from our words?

Nothing like a late night snack of chocolate chip bread and Irish tea with milk! 😋

What’s your favorite coffee drink? ☕️ Missing the old early coffee and reading mornings with my roommate. This was such a lovely coffee place with an environment so welcoming and full of bookworms. 😍📚

“Each time you open a book and read it, a tree smiles knowing there’s life after death.” 🌳📖💕 Part of me wants this book to end already, but part of me is so in love with it that I’m not ready for it to end yet