Post-Grad update.

Today was my first day as an official COLLEGE GRADUATED ADULT with a 40 hour work week. And let me tell ya–it’s literally frightening.


Sometimes I feel really bad for feeling so down. I shouldn’t feel the need to complain so much, but somehow, I always find something wrong.  

City Nature.

The sound of the roaring, rushing water echoes through the parking lot that leads me to the pathway toward the water reservoir. There’s a slight breeze, preparing me for the lookout I am about to approach. Walking up the red brick path to the water opening, I smell a mixture of dish soap and chlorine….


I’ve been told many times that I shouldn’t have to control every aspect of my life. That I shouldn’t have to protect myself from the unknown. That I need to let things change my life. But I’m in love with my life. And I don’t want it to change. And I guess that is where…

February 25, 2017.

That night, You held me in your arms. You wiped the tears as they spilled from my eyes. Without judgement, you told me to not let my past define me. Nestled in your safety, I had never felt such comfort before this.   That night, you reminded me I was a good person. You knew…


I am a strong believer in the power of new beginnings. January 1st is usually that time of year where we all make impossible promises to ourselves and just hope that we can forgive ourselves enough to try again next year. It’s all fine. At least you’re planning. New Year and birthdays are good opportunities…