Amusement Park

The one thing we’ve all been told is life is a roller coaster.   That is no exaggeration. We go through ups and downs and twists and steep falls, sometimes left hanging upside down for a few seconds. But one thing remains: we always end.   But we always begin again.


I’ve been told many times that I shouldn’t have to control every aspect of my life. That I shouldn’t have to protect myself from the unknown. That I need to let things change my life. But I’m in love with my life. And I don’t want it to change. And I guess that is where…

Unspoken home.

The future awaits. The long, head-aching days. The joyfully bright, sunny days. They’re all waiting to happen.   The twists and turns that life takes us on lead to a greater road that takes us home.   And the best part is we get to choose. Who we love, how we feel, what we do….


Our relationship was built on battles. I always fought you. It was an endless tight rope performance. Balancing my freedom with the treacherous cage you had for me.   Nothing impressed you. Nothing worked. It just tore us apart. With time, we were both tired. Exhausted of the passive aggression. We grew tired of having…


Changing my life in unimaginable ways, I live to love you.

Writing right.

I used to think that bad things had to happen in order for raw passion to be exerted into things, especially writing. I’ve been in love, fallen out of it, even swore against it at some point. But recently, I don’t think I’ve ever been this passionate about something. New ideas, goals, and dreams are…