Honey bee.

Your words have stung me.
Feed your ego, poison me.
The sting kills us both.


Unspoken home.

The future awaits.
The long, head-aching days.
The joyfully bright, sunny days.
They’re all waiting to happen.

The twists and turns that life takes us on
Lead to a greater road that takes us home.

And the best part is we get to choose.
Who we love, how we feel, what we do.
It’s up to us to discover what makes our world spin.

And if we never do,
It will be okay.
Because home can be the future.
The comfort of the unknown.

Something we find, embrace, enjoy, forget, leave, but will always come back to.


We are just piles of stardust that are capable of loving.
Loving someone more than we can love ourselves.
A love that is so powerful, it scares us.
And out of insecurity, we hide it.
But love doesn’t go anywhere.
It will always be there.


Our relationship was built on battles.
I always fought you.
It was an endless tight rope performance.
Balancing my freedom with the treacherous cage you had for me.

Nothing impressed you.
Nothing worked.
It just tore us apart.
With time, we were both tired.
Exhausted of the passive aggression.
We grew tired of having the constant need to prove ourselves.

This was not who I am.
I drove myself crazy trying to bury the sharp ends.
I hated you being mad at the frenzy.
And I hated you being content with the stillness.
You didn’t love me.
You loved how you could control me.

The harm wasn’t worth it.
The tears, the restless nights, the fear.
None of that was worth it.


We are just small organisms that roam about
With no real knowledge of our true purpose.
The sun guides us, feeds us, keeps us alive.
Distance has never punished us, but solely
Revealed the beauty of changing the seasons.
We are either the surviving tree or the falling leaves.
But change is the one thing that keeps us alive.
Learning, evolving, growing. There’s no end.
And the day we stop changing, we stop living.